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Great folk music and unforgettable fun.

At Stoney End, we believe great music is a beautiful experience worth celebrating. That’s why we’re proud to be connected with area folk music artists and host concerts and dances in our Music Loft. We hope to see you there soon!

Reservations are recommended. Call toll-free at 1-877-866-3936.


Saturday, March 10th



Doors open at 7:00pm

“Daddy Squeeze” Accordionist Dan Newton has been entertaining audiences with a vast variety of musical styles since 1987. Dan spends most of his time playing accordion with his fabulous group, “Café Accordion Orchestra”, performing French, American and Latin ballroom dance music. Guitarist Pat Donohue has earned prominent recognition for his mastery of acoustic fingerstyle guitar, which he exhibits weekly as the guitarist for the Guys All Star Shoe Band on Garrison Keillor’s radio program “A Prairie Home Companion.” Chet Atkins called him one of the greatest finger pickers in the world today; Leo Kottke called his playing “haunting.” Though he considers himself foremost a folk guitarist, Pat manages to blend jazz and blues with folk, and the mix is seamless. Over the years he has captivated audiences with his unique original compositions, dazzling instrumentals and humorous song parodies.



Seating is limited. Call today to reserve your tickets!


Saturday, March 24th



Doors open at 6:30

Since forming in 2006, The High 48s have been making music that combines the soulful sound of classic bluegrass with a modern attitude, original songs and a wide range of influences far beyond Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, and Flatt and Scruggs. In a genre created and dominated by artists from the South, The High 48s were born and raised in the Upper Midwest. And in a music scene where playing standards is the norm, The High 48s are a band of songwriters who perform their own material in addition to the “festival favorites.” The band takes its name from railroad slang for the boxcars originally used to transport troops on the front lines in WWI that could carry 40 soldiers or 8 horses, and were later used in the US on fast-moving “hot shot” freight trains by train-hoppers looking for work during the Great Depression.


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Saturday, April 7th

Workshop 10AM to 6 PM, Concert at 7PM

Building Blocks of a Good Song Songwriting is a learnable skill. Writing a good song requires the desire to use the tools that help you structure your words and your melodies into a cohesive and memorable song. In this class we will learn how to paint with words. Lyrics should be short, crisp and create a visual impression. Through compression, haiku and other small window exercises, we will work on saying the most with the fewest words while always keeping rhythm, rhyme and repetition at the top of mind. In the afternoon we will explore the families of chords and how they help you build the foundation of color and melody for the marriage of music and words. From there we’ll write songs that are structured around the guidelines and tools of a memorable song.




Friday, April 20th



Doors open at 7:00PM

Jerry will be performing 2 sets of acoustic guitar music. The first will be solo guitar and the second set will feature bassist Gary Raynor. Gary was a mainstay with The Guys All-Star Shoe Band on A Prairie Home Companion. The second set will consist of Jerry playing his 1928 National Tricone accompanied by Gary on upright bass. They will perform Blues and R&B tunes that Jerry usually performs with his trio Blues Contraption.


Reservations Recommended

Because our Music Loft has limited seating, advanced reservations are recommended for most concerts and events. Doors open one half hour prior to concert start time. Please call us toll-free to reserve your tickets or for additional information: 1-877-866-3936.