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Great folk music and unforgettable fun.

At Stoney End, we believe great music is a beautiful experience worth celebrating. That’s why we’re proud to be connected with area folk music artists and host concerts and dances in our Music Loft. We hope to see you there soon!

Reservations are recommended. Call us toll-free at 1-877-866-3936.

Long Time Gone

5th Annual Holiday Bluegrass Show
SAT, November 28
Tickets: $15

Join us for our annual holiday concert at Hobgoblin Music Loft. The Thanksgiving tradition in Red Wing is Thursday: Turkey, Friday: Holiday stroll, Saturday: Long Time Gone So come on down, we always open with some carols, then play some Bluegrass and invite special guests up for the intermission. It's always fun. Long Time Gone is a homegrown Bluegrass band, featuring Ben Manning and Company and is a celebration of bluegrass and old-time string bands. Their energetic show will get your toes tapping.

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King Wilke's Dream

SAT, December 12
Tickets: $18

From the vocals to the instrumentals, this band brings a heartfelt love of this music to every arrangement. Not just doing rehashed versions of classic bluegrass songs, they have sought out the lesser known gems in the genre and use them to showcase their talents. It is evident in every song. Intricate arrangements are worked out, not just for the sake of being artsy, but to enhance the listener's enjoyment of the song. Add to this original songs and tunes and you have a fine mix that shows their respect for the classics, while adding to the genre. Soulful, bluesy, rootsy are only a few adjectives that apply to this group. Fun and entertaining. Don't miss this group!

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Reservations Recommended

Because our Music Loft has limited seating, advanced reservations are recommended for most concerts and events. Doors open one half hour prior to concert start time. Please call us toll-free to reserve your tickets or for additional information: 1-877-866-3936.